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F3D Studio is a 3D visualization and graphics studio that works with industry leading software to provide high quality visualizations to the architectural, engineering, construction, real estate and development industries. Located in Southwestern Washington, F3D Studio serves the Portland, OR area locally and works remotely with clients worldwide.
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3D Perspective Renderings

Present your vision clearly with accurate lighting, materials, landscaping, and people that can be customized to suit your audience.
3D Animations

Animated walkthroughs and flyovers can be used to provide a greater sense of space and to add excitement. Animations can include objects in motion, sounds, or background music. Add speaking or animated people, dynamic lighting effects such as glow effects, lighting color changes, or show construction sequencing.

Real-Time 3D Walkthroughs

Real-time walkthroughs allow you, your stakeholders, or your customers to walk around in a virtual 3D space online while easily navigating between different views with clickable link tags. To enhance the users experience, ambient background music can be added and sound effects can be applied to selected objects. Moving objects such as people or cars can also be added and special effects like rain, fog, fire, smoke, water are also possible.
3D Plans / Sections

Show your customers a more complete view of your plans with rendered 3D plans and sections.
2D Floor Plans / Elevations

With color and shadowing, add depth to your drawings and highlight key components of the design.
Interactive Visualizations

Use the power of the internet to add an interactive experience for your customers.
F3D Studio
Jason Ferrier
Washougal, WA 98671

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Why hire F3D Studio?

Over 20 years experience in architectural design industry.

Committed to meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Highly competitive fees. US based business.

Understanding of technical drawings.

Experience working within a larger team environment on a variety of multi-million dollar projects.

F3D Studio Visualization Services

Jason Ferrier

Services include:

2D Renderings
3D Renderings
3D Animation
Real-time Walkthroughs
Interactive Visualizations
Website Design
3D Sections and Plans
Product Renderings

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