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F3D Studio strives to bring excitement to your vision by producing exceptional graphics that will exceed your expectations. Quality is never compromised, though your deadline is considered of the utmost importance. With a broad background in art, architecture, landscape architecture, and planning, F3D Studio has the experience of working closely with clients and consultants on large scale projects. Through active listening to clients' needs and keeping current with the industries' leading technologies, F3D Studio can deliver a product that communicates a clear vision for all to understand, and arrive at a solution that meets the budget.

* F3D Studio is always looking to partner with A/E design firms on projects requiring 3D Visualization and will consider investing time free of charge to pursue a contract win for the right project. Please visit the contact page or call to discuss.

Our Team

Jason Ferrier, Founder and Project Manager of F3D Studio
Jason has over fifteen years of experience working within the often fast-paced industry of architectural design. With a Bachelors of Science in Architecture, and a past career as an architectural designer with technical drawing experience, he knows how to communicate the design details, aesthetics, and proportions of a project to those that don't understand them. Jason has worked on numerous multi-million dollar projects providing design input and 3D visualizations, and has successfully helped clients showcase their project to the public.

Alice Yang, Visualization Designer
Alice taught art in public school for almost four years following her five year career in architecture. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Architecture, and during her career was admired for her finely crafted basswood models. Her foundation in design and art coupled with her creativeness, serves to provide valuable input into the process of creating a captivating visualization.

Why choose F3D Studio?

With an understanding of the complete design process from concept sketches to built work, participation in the design process alongside clients is possible if needed.

Our charges are highly competetive within the industry.

Technical proficience with the most commonly used software in the architectural, planning, and graphic design industry.

Sensitivity to the artistic side of design.


F3D Studio uses licensed industry leading software to produce still renderings, animations, real-time walkthroughs, and other interactive media. Typically, modeling work is performed using one the Autocad Suite of products such as 3D Studio Max, Revit, or AutoCAD. In most cases, existing files from other modeling programs can be converted into a usable file. Other software used includes Photoshop, Coffeecup Visual Web Designer, Unity 3D, and Poser Pro.

The Process:

F3D Studio works on projects that may take months to develop. To be able to commit to a schedule that will work for both parties, clients should give as much lead time as possible. Clients should submit any concept sketches, line drawing files, 3D model files, material samples, or other useful information to receive a detailed quote and schedule proposal.

Clients will be given drafts for comment/approval with most services. All services include an opportunity for clients to request revisions to the final product to their reasonable satisfaction with no additional costs, as long as it does not involve a redesign of the project.

3D Renderings
Clients will be provided several draft quality camera views to choose from before the completed product is delivered. Clients will receive an opportunity to request minor changes to the completed rendering such as lighting, materials, camera view, etc. that don't involve a redesign of the 3D model.

Clients will first be provided a draft quality animation demonstrating the camera paths for approval prior to beginning the lighting and material application. Once the animation path is approved, several final quality perspective renderings will be provided for approval of materials and lighting. Considering complicated animations often take days to render the thousands of frames typically used to create an animation, the final rendering process will not begin unless approval to proceed has been received. Once the final rendering process has begun no further changes outside of those effects applied after rendering are possible without increasing the schedule and charges.

Real-time Walkthroughs
Live walkthroughs can be built as online players and hosted from your website or from this one. They can also be built to run from your hard drive for faster performance. Due to the workflow process of this service there are no draft quality submittals. Clients may request minor revisions to the final product such as lighting and materials, landscaping, and any issues with functionality that may be discovered after testing the walkthrough.


F3D Studio offers highly competitive costs within the Visualization Industry. Pricing can vary greatly depending on the level of detail and complexity of the project, so please use the contact form or call for a free quote designed to meet your budget. Prices listed on this site include modeling and rendering, so costs can be substantially less if you are able to provide the pre-built 3D model. For clients uncertain about the scope of their project, some services may be charged on an hourly rate rather than a lump sum. The following are general price ranges for services:

3D Renderings- $250 to $5000 per view with discounts on multiple views within the same project.
3D Animation- $2,000 to $15,000 for 30 seconds of video.
Real-Time Walkthroughs- $2,500 to $25,000
Web Design and Interactive Embeds- $1,500 to $10,000

For more specific pricing and portfolio samples visit the services page and click the service you are interested in.


Common formats are provided for both Mac and PC based systems.

* HD Video (.mp4,.avi, .wmv)
* Flash Videos and Slideshows
* Quicktime Video (.mov)
* HTML embedded video
* High resolution images (bitmap, jpegs, PDF's, or other common image files)
* HTML embedded live walkthrough

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Jason Ferrier

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